International standard for social responsibility

With ISO 26000, an international standard has been developed that is designed to support all organizations in the private and public sector, both in the industrialized nations as well as in developing and threshold countries – in meeting their social responsibilities.

More than ever before, the public keeps a critical eye on what organizations do in order to fulfill their social responsibilities. This influences external evaluations and business relationships as well as the quality of internal processes and services.

The standard addresses organizations worldwide that want to apply themselves to the principles and practices of social responsibility, and to focus their management on this in a sustainable manner. However, ISO 26000 is not only concerned with the mechanisms of management and control; the standard seeks to integrate, implement and promote socially responsible behavior throughout the organization and, through its policies and practices, within its sphere of influence.

ISO 26000 is not subject to certification; its intention is to be a guideline for voluntary improvement. Your organization's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable solutions may be demonstrated using various other standards.

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