International management standard for energy management systems

Much sooner than expected, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) presented the new ISO 50001 on 17 June, 2011. This standard describes the requirements for an energy management system, which allow an organization the systematic and continuous improvement of their energy related performance, as well as an increase of their energy efficiency.

ISO 50001 is designed to optimize the internal energy consumption throughout any organization. The overall objective is to support organizations wanting to set up a comprehensive energy management system, and to continually improve their energy performance, with the aim of lower energy costs and less greenhouse gas emissions.

ISO 50001 follows closely the structures of ISO 14001, which allows for many similar requirements to be implemented across standards, and facilitates the integration of additional requirements. Even in companies with high energy awareness the first assessments prove that strong energy management systems can lead to substantial savings.

By virtue of the close cooperation of the development committee with the European member states, many of the contents of EN 16001 were included in the new standard. EN 16001 will be withdrawn in 2013; meaning that issued certificates will lose their validity and must be replaced, usually by a certificate according to ISO 50001. DQS certificates will remain valid until 26 April, 2013.


pdf Brochure - Environmental Management Systems

pdf Product Sheet - ISO 50001

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