Demonstrate service quality

The new ISO standard, entitled "Information technology -- Service management -- Part 1: Service management system requirements", now opens its doors for all service management providers, no longer focusing exclusively on IT service providers, as was the case till now.

By 1st of June 2013 at the latest, organizations offering professional service management must have made the transition from ISO 20000-1:2005 to the revised standard ISO 20000-1:2011. This requires good preparation and training, in order to be able to evaluate the changed requirements exactly and to implement the necessary steps for their implementation, both for internal auditing and certification.

Until recently, certification was conducted based on ISO 20000-1 from the year 2005, valid until 31 May, 2012. After this date, there is a transition period for organizations to obtain certification to the new version ISO 20000-1:2011

Service organizations and IT departments in organizations with complex servicing structures rely on ISO 20000-1 to demonstrate their service quality. It provides evidence of cost-efficient and reliable IT service management (SMS11) to internal as well as external customers. The standard is focusing to use the same terminology as the IT Infrastructure Library's (ITIL) Best Practice approach.


pdf Product Sheet: ISO 20000

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