Identification of corporate risks

Insufficient security in information processing causes millions in damages every year. The reasons for this are manifold: external troubles, technical errors, espionage, or information misuse. In order to implement effective measures, though, the challenges that are involved first need to be identified. More and more companies are looking for a systematic way to improve their legal certainty, to allow them to act with certainty and to better achieve their corporate goals.

ISMS: Information Security Management System according to ISO 27001 The objective of an information security management system (ISMS) according to ISO 27001 is to identify corporate risks, to analyze them and to use suitable measures to make them controllable. In its structure, international standard ISO 27001 is aligned with the PDCA cycle of Plan-Do-Check-Act, an approach well known from ISO 9001. Integrating ISMS into an existing management system can therefore be achieved easily.


pdf Brochure - Information Security Management

pdf Product Sheet - ISO 27001

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